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We are now accepting entries for the 2016 Full Season Racing League

Greetings all,

(Feb 7, 2016) Ok we are well on our way in gathering entries for 2016. Just some notes for you, you get the CAR not the DRIVER. So for instance when we established the season we thought Ragan would run in the 26 but now he is running in the 23. Also the 55 doesn’t look like it will run. The best info I can give you is to use this link, and make you own assessments by car as to who you like. The message is this, remember you get the CAR not the DRIVER, and changes happen up to the Daytona. So do your studying, so you don’t get caught with a car you don’t want after the season starts, because after the drop of the green flag no changes are allowed.

(Jan 16, 2016) We are now accepting entries for the 2016 Full Season Racing League The FULL SEASON - NASCAR LEAGUE which by far has the largest participation, is entering its 17th season and has been a real fan favorite. In 2015 we had 2,688 participants and paid out over $50,000 in prize money. The payoffs comprised of both weekly (top 5 weekly scores) and total (top 200 yearly cumulative total point scores) prizes, plus the Wild March Challenge and the Special Chase challenge. At this time we anticipate the same payoffs in 2016 that took place in 2015. We are now accepting entries for this league and will continue to accept them until the drop of the green flag at Daytona. The entry fee for this league is only $25. There are NO WEEKLY TRANSACTIONS or additional cost - Your teams automatically runs for you each week. There will be NO TRADING or RELEASING cars. Points are scored based on your car's performance based on the scoring system for the league. Bonus points are also awarded for team performance. You accumulate points each week and at the end of the season, the team that accumulates the most point’s finishes first, and so on for the top 2000+ positions. The number of entries we receive will determine the number of positions. All prizes will be awarded based on your point performance. If you have any questions please e-mail them to RICH@FANTASYGAMES4U.COM or use the handy side bar menu to e-mail us. Thank you.



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